The line between fantasy and reality is a fine one, walked by those with a steady-enough hand and a conscience to avoid falling into one or the other. 

Think again. In design, this fine line becomes shattered, blurred, and bullied beyond recognition. 

In this issue, we are taking a step back and looking at the tangible evidence and the hard facts which are the accomplices of the final production. The process of production is often times ignored to create the visually pleasing results meant to satisfy the ever eager consumer. "Fuck context" society says...used in the same sense that BIGNESS "transforms the city from a summation of certainties into the accumulations of mysteries." Let’s go back to the certainties, we say.

This year, One:Twelve has taken this observation and the subsequent question and is producing two complimentary issues that celebrate, antagonize and critique our love affair with processing realities into fantasies.

Issue 010 focuses on the reality, the honest, the rigorous, and the pure...The sweat and tears before the standing ovation...The calm before the storm...What was Life before the Cloud?

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