Notes on a conversation:

“What is vernacular architecture?” 


 “What is VERNACULAR?”

“Can something be ‘somewhat’ vernacular?”

“People used to be LIMITED by geography.”

“Information has deteriorated our limits.”


“If the housing association can regulate appearance, can a vernacular be inscribed in a series of laws...?”


“So...what is allowed to be iconographic architecture?”

“What do we WANT as iconographic IMAGES?”

“We are CONSUMING vernacular.”

“In this consumption, is there a loss of vernacular?”

---- “YES”

-------- “...”

“Is there validity in our anger?”


“Should we be mad at starchitects?”

“Are you mad?”



“Is the American suburban house a vernacular?”

---- “YES” 

-------- “NO”

------------ “...”


“If Google is able to compile X number of digital models of things, is there a digital vernacular?”


“What are the rights of an architecture?”

“Does architecture have rights?”


“What gets to be reappropriated?”

“What gets to become iconic?”

“What gets to be a STATUS symbol?”


“What is a style?”

“What is vernacular?”


--------“Why does any of this matter?”

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