call for submissions. issue 013. Deadline March 1,2018

architecture and politics

Influenced by the complexities of the environment it inhabits, architecture is constantly confronted with a spectrum of issues present in the world. While design is a product of its creator, designers are a product of society  (sub)consciously projecting their experience into the work they design. Subject to these influences, architecture is innately reactive, defensive,  and of course political.

"It is the question of building which lies at the root of the social unrest of today; architecture or revolution.”

This 1922 quote by Le Corbusier holds architecture in opposition, and in the same plane, as war. political agenda of an architectural attitude is not the first of its kind but may be the most provocative. With the given political climate not only in our country, but globally, we need to be in tune now more than ever to architecture’s role in the politics. What does that mean for us as citizens? What does that mean for us as designers? How does architecture operate on a political level?

In contrast to our last issue’s theme of humor and whimsical sophistication, we are calling for more serious matters in One:Twelve’s thirteenth issue. We are looking for entries that address the politics of architecture. Whether that be how architecture affects politics or vice versa. This open call for submissions welcomes all disciplines to contribute a written or graphic piece to One:Twelve. Any viewpoint/approach will be considered as long as it specifically addresses the topic.