One:Twelve is a student-run, bi-annual journal that operates out of The Ohio State University’s Austin E. Knowlton School of Architecture (Knowlton School). Launched in 2010, it is dedicated to furthering the school’s intellectual situation. One:Twelve is, at its core, a collaborative effort. Its editorial staff spans the school’s three disciplines: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and City and Regional Planning; and it has published contributions by undergraduate and graduate students, professors, students from other universities and disciplines, musicians, practitioners, the list goes on. Yet, above all, its editors are committed to maintaining the journal’s role as a platform for independent student thinking—a  venue for developing topics touched upon in the regular curriculum as well as pursuing those diversions that might not have a place in the classroom. As One:Twelve moves forward, it seeks to expand its audience. The journal’s pages are rooted in what happens at the Knowlton School, but their influence should extend beyond it.

The Editors

Ali Sandhu | Graduate Managing Editor

Theo Morrow | Undergraduate Managing Editor

Faculty Advisor

Curtis Roth

The team

James Amicone | Editing Chair

Erin Gleason | Public Relations Chair

Bethany Roman | Treasurer

We are openly seeking talented and curious individuals to join our team. Email us if you are interested


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