In an age where cursive writing is no longer being taught and where “think beyond convention” has become commonplace, new conventions are making way whether we know or like it or not. Often times we as a student journal find ourselves facing particular expectations - presumed requirements - to be serious. WHY? – because we are “academic.” 

Or so we are taught to assume. 

In the name of One:Twelve’s Twelfth, we would like to go forth in the spirit of redundancy. This is not a “journal” – it is a JOURNAL. In the purest sense, Issue 012 will be an informal exploration – a stream of consciousness, self-aware yet unscathed by the expected conventions of academic milieu. 

We want to expound upon the hilarity of our seriousness and the seriousness of hilarity in architectural projects and publications. Even the word itself – architectural – elicits a sense of formality. One:Twelve’s Twelfth attempts to identify and exploit these digested conventions, upending our own disciplinary understanding of right and wrong

One:Twelve called for the finest jokes, puns, stories, riddles and thoughts on the state of formal conventions in architecture and beyond. From the plague of plagiarism to critical satire, we hope you enjoy One:Twelve's Twelfth. 

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